SHA Wellness Clinic

The consolidation of a digital brand image

The consolidation of a digital brand image

Project Details

Before the arrival of COVID-19, websites had become the new business and product presentation letter. Therefore, in 2020, SHA Wellness Clinic took the step and expanded into the digital world, thus entering a new stage of the brand.





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Being a widely recognized clinic, the web redesign began with two objectives. The first one was to place the user at the center of their experience, just like in their treatments. And the second, but equally important, was to reinforce the homogeneity of their brand identity across all aspects and existing services.

The digitalization of a 360-degree approach. During the project implementation, one of the main challenges was to effectively communicate the entire range of services offered by the brand, ensuring that the information was easily digestible for users, and that navigation between sections was as intuitive as possible.

Opening the doors to the entire SHA universe. Through the development of a modular and flexible Design System, we have been able to scale the usability and design implemented in SHA's main website to their other digital products. Specifically, since 2020, we have carried out the redesign of SHA Careers, SHA Residences Spain, SHA Residences Mexico, and SHA Magazine, as well as other projects that are set to be released throughout 2023.

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