The digital solution for construction projects management

The digital solution for construction projects management

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Given the requirement for digitization in the construction sector, Inbuilt emerges as an application for comprehensive real-time management of construction projects and renovations, aiming to enhance coordination, efficiency, and project and employee control.





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The app is based on three main aspects, stemming from the sector's requirement: human resource management through daily attendance records, assignment, planning and tracking of tasks, and coordination of multiple projects simultaneously. Inbuilt aims to increase productivity and minimize deviations or delays in construction projects as much as possible.

Through the incident reporting feature, Inbuilt allows for real-time opening, management, and closure of work orders, while maintaining a record of all incidents. All of this is complemented by a notification system that tracks the progress of each stage of the project.

Inbuilt allows construction companies, project managers, work foremen, and employees to stay connected and work collaboratively, aiming to optimize the workflow on a construction site and monitor its real-time progress.

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