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The digital transformation of universities. A new era.

The digital transformation of universities. A new era.

Project Details

Currently, the university sector is undergoing constant change to adapt to the emerging demands of society. Recognizing the need to promote and showcase innovation within San Pablo CEU University, a decision was made to embark on a project that would bring about a change in the organization and presentation of its content, aiming to enhance the usability of its website.





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Research & architecture design


Research & empathy

Research & usability analysis

Content audit

Interviews and tests

Information architecture

Arquitecture definition

Facilitation & Conceptualization

Validation & implementation

Design & production

Visual design

Design systems

Prototyping and Handoff

The project would involve restructuring the information architecture of the website, redesigning the search engine and degree program pages, creating a design system that allows for componentization of all modules, and designing and implementing all necessary improvements to bring about the new organization.

Higher-quality leads One of the main objectives of this project was to achieve an increase in conversion by obtaining higher-quality leads that complete the processes and convert.

To achieve this, the project aimed to promote process automation through usability improvements, the creation of a coherent and intuitive hierarchical architecture and a user-centered design approach that organizes content based on the primary audience (prospective students) while also considering the needs of the university as an organization dependent of ANECA and other regulatory bodies. Additionally, the design would take into account the various stakeholders, including students, marketing personnel, professors, doctors, and more. By aligning the website structure and design with the needs and expectations of these diverse groups, the goal was to enhance user experience, engagement and generate higher-quality leads.

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